1. Moving changes

    American families & single professionals seem to be on a downsizing mission across the states, which is interesting since in 1950 the average house size for a larger number of family members was 1,000 square feet. This has changed over the years for the baby boomers, large homes being built in suburbs to attract growing families away from the city life to an area with great schools and parks, …Read More

  2. Questions you should ask your moving company

    Moving is a personal experience and getting to know your movers is unexpected at first but in the end everyone in the company knows each customer. We have customers that have been in their home for 30 years & are now leaving behind memories. This move is never easy for anyone no matter what the age is.  Moves that are on hold or rescheduled waiting for a house closing to at last get this drea…Read More

  3. Cleaning with Wise Moving

    Why is it when  rearranging  one piece of furniture to a new location you see dust bunnies trying to follow along? How did these pesky little things manage to hide from the vacuum?   Just wait until you move, you will be out numbered considerably. Just packing the kitchen cabinets is shocking enough. I mean did someone throw a cookie on the top shelf and then proceed to smash it with your go…Read More

  4. Living the DFW Life

    Living in DFW couldn't be better. Many have chosen the DFW area as the place they want to call home which is why we at Wise Moving Company, LLC love being able to move and serve our community.  We have the family areas that are focused on family living & family activities such as Frisco, Allen, Coppell, Farmers Branch, McKinney, Addison, Plano and Richardson to name a few. All equipped for …Read More

  5. Moving with plants

    Attachment to our plants is very common for gardeners. Moving and starting over with a new garden plan can be exciting however at the same time we usually want to bring some of the old garden with us.  Below are a few different options on getting those plants that we all love so much to the new place safely . One would be to water them really well, dig them up in the evening with as much soil att…Read More

  6. Most Common Moving Services

    When most of us are thinking about hiring movers to do that back breaking task of a move, we tend to overlook  all the work involved in preparing for such a move or the fact that the mover, like Wise Moving Company, LLC, actually could take care of all or most of the entire move from planning to the actual move. In fact moves fit first into different categories.   Categories of moves: Internat…Read More

  7. Mother’s Day in DFW

    Mothers Day is this week-end and we searched for a variety of exciting & fun things to do this year and I must say we definitely found just that. Texas is always on top of the game for plenty to do here.  Family  fun & definitely scrapbook material of memories of good times. We found butterflies, Outlaws, a King, artists,  English gardens, festivals, music and plenty of food. Here are…Read More

  8. Unique Challenges Texas Movers Face

    The wonderful land of Texas has so many regions . With the many regions comes weather of all varieties  and the weather effects moves in so many ways. The pan handle has snow up to 30 inches and winter nights near freezing. Summer has clear days and the western and southern winds makes this “tornado Alley”.   The large dust storms also hit this area. The west-central consists of desert and …Read More

  9. Seniors On The Move

    Becoming a senior is a transition that is like I would imagine entering a parallel universe would be on a Harley Davidson going 95 miles per hour. That is my best description of the event that when passing a mirror a second glance is needed due to the unknown face you just caught a glimpse of. With that said so many changes to experience and that is life ever-changing. We have so many options avai…Read More

  10. Insurance Options for your Move

    When do we ever think about insurance? Well when the bill is due and when we need to use it.  I am happy the bill comes more often than the having to use it.   The “At Peace” feeling you have knowing that no matter what the universe has lined up for you there will be no ripples allowed in your pond. Why ? Because Universe Buddy of mine , I have insurance. Before you take a look at the insur…Read More