1. Scott Sander

    We could not be more pleased with Wise Moving Company and their Cleaning service for our move!! They were professional, courteous, careful, and on time!!! They took care of us and I would recommend them to anyone looking to move!!!…Read More

    Scott Sander
  2. Angela Sellers

    I had 3 very polite and fast working men moving us. Alex, DJ, and Day were respectful and even helped me with little things. They were very professional and I always knew what to expect in charges etc. I will definitely be using them again.…Read More

    Angela Sellers
  3. April Hull

    The online quote process was nice and it was very flexible in the end when what we ended up actually moving changed. We had a very courteous crew with a professional leader and everything went well. Even though the day was extremely hot, they were all very hard working. It was a difficult job moving from a neighborhood home to a Condo scenario, from parking lot to an up stairs location, but the jo…Read More

    April Hull
  4. C Murphy

    Wise provided reliable, friendly service. The estimate was quick and accurate. The loading crew was fast, efficient and friendly. The unload was also fast. Thanks!…Read More

    C Murphy
  5. Betty Braziel

    I had a very good experience with the move I made with wise - all of the guys were professional and polite - worked very hard when they picked my things up and when they delivered them as well - asking me where I wanted to place this box or item in the house. Devon was funny and made the move as pleasant as moving can be. He knows the business and was professional and super.…Read More

    Betty Braziel
  6. Monica Fitzgerald

    Highly Recommend. We used Wise Moving a year and a half ago. They moved us out of our former home into apt while new house was being built. Devon's crew did such a wonderful job that once our home was finished being built we used Wise once more. Recently, my mom needed to be moved and Who Do You Think We Called?......WISE! Pam is very patient. She will answer all your questions and we chose to sti…Read More

    Monica Fitzgerald
  7. Ann McLaughlin

    I booked our move with Wise due to a postcard we received by mail. They work with a cleaning service and our buyers wanted a professional company to clean the house on moving day. They did such a good job that the buyers called us to thank us. The movers themselves were professional, friendly and timely--everything one would want! And, Pam got back to me promptly and was always available to answer…Read More

    Ann McLaughlin
  8. Cary Daniels

    What a great company.…Read More

    Cary Daniels
  9. Sharon Havens

    Our scheduled movers cancelled the day before our move. Wise Moving agreed to move us with only one day's notice. They guys did a great job. The crew was friendly and professional. Thank you for turning what could have been a disaster into a positive experience.…Read More

    Sharon Havens
  10. LaDonna Williams

    Wise company was great. They showed up on time. The guys were great, nice and helpful. I will definitely recommend them to other people.…Read More

    LaDonna Williams