Moving to a new home can be exciting. However, you need to do a lot of preparation. From planning your relocation to boxing up your things, it’s very easy to forget a couple of things.

For your move to be successful, you need to make sure that you are ready for the movers well ahead of time. This will help avoid last-minute hiccups.
To make it simple, we’ve prepared the 9 most important things to do before the movers arrive.

1. Get rid of useless items.
Prior to moving, make sure your home is clutter free. To save on time required for professionally packing them and the money required for shipping, make sure you donate or sell items you no longer use.
According to experts, if you haven’t used an item for a period exceeding one year, it’s recommended that you consider parting with it.
2. Have a plan for your packing.

Who will be responsible for packing and unpacking on your moving day? If you’ll be doing it yourself, then you should make sure you use lots of padding. For this purpose, you may use items like blankets, bubble wrap or newspaper.
This is necessary to prevent items from breaking. If you are responsible for the packing and some things unfortunately break, the moving company will not be liable for any of the damages.
And to keep track of where it all needs to go, make sure you have labels on all boxes. Don’t forget to include your name, the name of the contents and the room destination.
3. Prepare and protect your house.
It’s entirely up to you to prepare and protect both your old and new home before the movers arrive. Keep your home free from water damage if the weather brings rain, snow, ice or sleet.
It’s advisable to place large tarps or blankets in the entryway, hallway, on the doorsteps, and in the doorways for added protection.
4. Consider getting insurance.
If you are moving items of great monetary or sentimental value, it’s highly recommended that you consider getting insurance. Before choosing one, make sure that you have understood all the specific conditions and differences of the different liability protection types.
5. Clean and organize.
Everything you intend to pack should be clean and organized. Do the following:
• Pack beddings separately.
• Drain the fuel out of your fuel-powered tools such as snow blower or lawn mower.
• Empty items like bookshelves, cupboards, and drawers.
• Remove the batteries from all devices.
• Unplug, empty, and clean all electrical appliances such as dishwasher and fridge.
6. Create an inventory.
Inventory your home room by room. This helps document your stuff should something get damaged or go missing. Creating separating sheets for each room is a good idea.
Your inventory list should contain the following items:
• Copies of important documents.
• A record of your belongings.
• Pictures of all your belongings. You can easily do this using your phone’s camera.
No so organizationally-inclined? Don’t worry. There are many apps to help you with your moving inventory. They include Sortly, MuStuff2, Moving Day, Moving Checklist Pro, and Moveline.
7. Have a plan for your pets.
It’s important to keep your pet contained in one area during the move. The last thing you want is for poor Fluffy or Fido to get lost in the shuffle of moving day. You have several options to keep your pet safe.
One, use a gate in the doorframe to confine them to one room. Two, have someone watch over them. Or three, utilize a crate – it’s simple and gets the job done.
8. Hire a babysitter for small children.

You will agree that moving boxes and juggling toddlers simultaneously isn’t a great idea. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, daycare, or babysitter, you’ll need someone reliable to watch over your child.
9. Measure doors and prepare furniture.
The idea here is to make sure that your furniture will pass through. Measure the doors and along steep staircases, sharp turns, and narrow corridors. If your furniture is particularly bulky and large and the doorways are particularly small, it’s best to notify your moving company.

Sure, moving can be a hassle. However, with proper planning and with the right moving company, the process can be smooth and painless.

This article was contributed by Granite Foundation Repair. Granite Foundation Repair specializes in foundation repair services in DFW for residential and commercial properties.