Americans move for several reason’s like employment, housing prices, family, recession, climate, retirement, education, crime rates, taxes, and medical.  Americans also are fun and enjoy moving to have a new adventure in a new neighborhood or a new house to paint and decorate. We don’t just move because we have to, we move for a new landscape or new level on a house we never experienced before. That is us, we love to change things up and expand and knock down walls. And that is most likely The reason America has more short distance moves than long distance moves.

We shift and fly south and then north and we have been doing some serious shifting as of late. Between 2010 and 2015 2.32 million people moved to Texas. From 2014 to 2015 Texas came in number one with an increase of inbound moves of 490,000 people, which gives a total of 27,469,114. There are factors such as high growth in job markets which brought in job seekers. The high growth in business has outpaced the rest of the nation. People are shifting to the warmer weather and Florida has experienced the largest growth in over a decade. A lower cost of living for retirees, for example Sumter County Florida a nice sized home runs $224,000 compared to New York $448,000 for the same home.

Some areas of the U.S. have taken a huge amount of outbound moves such as West Virginia a loss of 5,000 mostly due to loss of jobs as the economy there evolved around coal. California has a strong hold on a great job market but with the cost of living being so high it is very hard to stay in California.

However we have a little more going on in the times we are living in. As all the changes in American politics and economy are stirring about, February Google Search for how to move to Canada  Spiked 350% . Toronto City for Canadian Immigration Services website had 32,000 retweets meaning interest for American followers on applying to immigrate to Canada. Sales in Real Estate spiked in Canada as well.

Another reason Americans move to other countries is for college. In America most public colleges run around $9,410.00 per semester private colleges run roughly $32,405.00. In Germany, Norway, Finland colleges are free for residents and International students. Plus you earn your degree in 3 years instead of 4 years. Room and board in America is about $10,000.00 and Europe about $2,225.00 per year. All you need is your high school transcript, as SAT scores don’t exist in other countries.

So overall Americans have several reasons for moving and where they move to sometimes means where they can afford to move to in order to better themselves and make life either better for their family or achieve the life and goals that they want for themselves. A move can be for reasons that make you happy. While some people enjoy life in a suburb or in the country far removed from all the fast paced social life. Others feel they are much happier in the social life with a wide variety of places to meet and engage in all the activities the city has to offer. Are you a garden grower or a social butterfly? Retirees for the most part find it best to be close to medical facilities and good climate. They have raised the kids  and shoveled the snow and just might consider the sand and beach as a great place to wind down a bit and still have fun activities within reach.

So we are Americans and we have many cultures in our country and many wonders to see. And we are movers. We enjoy change and being able to be a farmer and horseback rider one year and a surfer the next.