Why is it when rearranging  one piece of furniture to a new location you see dust bunnies trying to follow along?

How did these pesky little things manage to hide from the vacuum?   Just wait until you move, you will be outnumbered considerably. Just packing the kitchen cabinets is shocking enough. I mean did someone throw a cookie on the top shelf and then proceed to smash it with your good gravy bowl until it resembled sand from a beach? That might be your first thought, sand from the beach until you spot the chocolate chip that was hidden in the dark far corner.  The dust bunnies hanging out on the baseboards made you aware that it will take several hours of cleaning. Where will those hours come from?

Feeling outnumbered? Windows, window sills …why did you ever choose a place with so many cabinets baseboards and windows? Then, you gaze at the moving card from Wise Moving. It says packing services, packing supplies, yes that makes sense, then you see  Move out/Move in Cleaning Service. With the following included services in the cleaning you immediately telling your new friends on the baseboards to party on. Go ahead relax we have got you covered. Give us a call today!

  • All flooring is swept, mopped and/or vacuumed
  • All window sills
  • All cobwebs are removed (within reach)
  • All toilets, sinks, counters, tubs, and showers are thoroughly wiped down, cleaned and disinfected
  • All mirrors, fixtures, and chrome are dusted, cleaned and shined
  • All kitchen surfaces are wiped down, cleaned and sanitized (within reach)
  • We will clean your refrigerator inside and out (must be empty)
  • We will clean your range or stovetop
  • We will clean your oven inside and out
  • We will clean your microwave inside and out
  • We will dust and clean your pantry
  • We will dust all ceiling fan blades (within reach)
  • We will wipe down all the interior doors, cabinet fronts
  • We wipe down baseboards and vacuum along the edges of the carpet
  • We dust all the blinds and shutters (within reach)


  • Windows can be added for an additional fee


  • Up to 2- 15 gallon bags of trash can be taken out to your trash can for an additional fee