moving-services-frisco-texasBy working with Wise Moving Co. for your move within the greater Frisco area, you’re setting yourself up to avoid many of the headaches and frustrations that may arise during one of the most stressful events everyone has to face – moving! Hiring us for your move means you can rest assured knowing that:

We Do This Every Day

  • As moving professionals, we’ve likely packed, moved, carried and unpacked just about every item of furniture or personal belonging that you could imagine. Our attention to detail and caring for things like they’re our own is what sets us apart. We know what size truck you need, how & where to park on local city streets, etc.

We Will Save You Time and Effort

  • Our moving services are one thing, but we also offer packing and cleaning services to help you keep up with your busy schedule. Let us clean the nooks and crannies in your old house so you don’t have to!

We Know Your New Neighborhood

  • We are locals helping you move into unfamiliar territory. Navigating new neighborhoods can be somewhat difficult – especially when driving a moving truck! We know the local parking laws as well as the ins & outs of parking a big truck in tight spaces safely, so you don’t have to worry about that.

We’ll Get You Moved In

  • Because we will pack your items, we’ll know where to put things as we unpack them.  And if your new house is a mess when we arrive, our Move In Cleaning specialists will ensure that your new home is spic-and-span before moving everything in. You’ll arrive seeing furniture assembled (except for pressed-wood furniture), and you’ll be free to begin settling in.

We invite you to give us a call for a free moving consultation – or submit one of the online quote forms and you’ll begin to see the difference in choosing a moving company that really cares and will take the efforts to ensure this is the easiest move of your life.