Moving Checklist

Six Weeks Before Your Move

☐ Get Quotes From Moving Companies – This is not only important for budget reasons, but will also help in finding the right company. As you call for rates, also check the company out.

☐ Take Only Essentials – Moving is hard enough when you take everything. Hold a yard sale and sell off anything that you are just storing and haven’t used. You should also plan meals so that you use up all your pantry and freezer items.

☐ Make Personal Arrangements – This is a good time to notify your school and have records ready for transfer, getting in touch with your bank, and the new bank, to transfer your funds, and get in touch with new doctors if you are moving out of the area.

Five Weeks Before Your Move

☐ Pack Your Non-Essentials – Once you have determined what you will be taking, start packing up all of the items you will not need for the next five weeks.

☐ Reserve Moving Company or Truck – Waiting until the last minute can mean plenty of problems for your move. This is the time to set the date of your move with the rental company, and make sure that there is a truck available. Also, line up helpers if you are renting the truck yourself.

Four Weeks Before Your Move

☐ Notify Businesses of Move – At this time you should start contacting businesses like the post office, newspaper, power company, and any other creditors of your move. This will ensure an easy process of changing addresses while also allowing time to clean up any bills associated with disconnection.

Three Weeks Before Your Move

☐ Take Inventory of Valuables – You may have done this while you were packing, but it is important to start making a physical record of your valuables. Take pictures and file them in both print and digital form for redundant records.

☐ Make Reservations for Traveling – If you are traveling a great distance you will want to start making hotel reservations for the night of your move as well as accommodations for your pets.

☐ Keep track of your utilities

Two Weeks Before Your Move

☐ Clean Up Any Outstanding Items – Before things really start to get busy with your moving and making any last minute preparations. Take the time to clan up any outstanding items. This can be any recycling that needs to be done, disposal of any toxic items in the garage or basement, and even returning library books. These things can easily be overlooked in the busyness of moving. It is better to take care of them now before time is really pressed.

Week of Your Move

☐ Now that everything else has been taken care of you can finish packing the larger items in your home. Get any prescriptions that are needed and make sure that the house is clean. Pack all your essential living items separately if you are going a great distance to your home. Once the truck arrives, everything should go smoothly for the next chapter of your life.

Checklist For The Day of Moving

☐ Complete the final cleaning.

☐ Take out the trash.

☐ Make sure the water heater is turned off, and the thermostat is at 55 degrees.

☐ Plan Make sure that you consider what you will need the day after moving, and pack a bag with all your necessary personal items and clothes. This will help you avoid the headache of trying to find which box you have your stuff in.

☐ Finish packing all the straggler things waiting to be boxed.

☐ Leave information of your moving plan with a friend or relative.

☐ Meet with your apartment manager or landlord for a walk through of the property.

☐ Make sure that you agree with the mover’s inventory list. Take pictures if there is a disagreement.

☐ Keep a copy of the inventory.

☐ Load everything including your luggage that you are taking along with you on the trip.

☐ Search to make sure your house is empty before the moving vans leave.

☐ Check the Bill of Lading before signing, and keep a copy of it for yourself.

☐ You need to know the driver’s name, and give the driver your contact information.

☐ Supervise the unpacking. Make notes of damages, and make sure all your items are there.

☐ Make sure you make a note on the inventory form that further inspection is necessary for loss of the concealed damage. This allows you to finish unpacking at a later time.

☐ Make sure you arrive at the home before the movers. Sometimes a late charge is applied.