When most of us are thinking about hiring movers to do that back-breaking task of a move, we tend to overlook all the work involved in preparing for such a move or the fact that the mover, like Wise Moving Company, LLC, actually could take care of all or most of the entire move from planning to the actual move. In fact, moves fit first into different categories.

Categories of moves:

International Moves: That would be overseas moves that require packing, boxing, and belongings placed in sea freight containers. The importance of having a licensed moving company like Wise Moving Company, LLC,  for international ocean freight shipment is significant.  Contacting the destination Consulate or Embassy to inquire about restrictions, regulations, charges such as duty or taxes are significant. This is also a must if you’re planning to take an automobile. Professional packing is suggested due to how the freight containers are handled. The freight containers are lifted by cranes and can endure a lot of movement while in transit. Making sure everything is properly packed and stored for this trip is very important.


Interstate Moves: Long distance moving across the States which also can mean automobiles.


Local moves: Close to your area.


Household Moves: Residential moves.


Corporate Moves: All business moving.


Now the most common services offered by movers to make the moves as easy as pie would first be packing. Packing services, such as Wise Moving Company’s, remove hours of work for you, plus the fact that the packers are trained on how to pack nearly every type of belonging in order to protect them. The better the packing the safer your items are not to mention, less worry about breakage, less labor for you and more time for you to take care of everything else involved with the move.

Packing supplies are available at Wise Moving Company, LLC if you want to pack your own items and can be delivered. If you just really want to pack yourself the correct packing products will be a huge step in the right direction. Protecting your much-loved pieces with the correct packing products for each is a must during any move. The flat screen TV’s must be in a box made to protect them or they are highly likely to be damaged once moved. Hanging clothes are much easier to handle and protected inside a wardrobe box. Unpacking your boxes and then removing the packing materials will save you time also.

Wrapping furniture is one service that most movers offer to protect your items. Wise Moving Company, LLC offers this service free because we know how important it is to keep your belongings protected. The film wrap to keep drawers in place and the mover quilts that protect your furniture are excellent tools of the trade.

Disassembly and assembly for those bulky items such as the refrigerator that won’t fit thru the door, beds, dining tables and pool tables just to name a few. Having a professional mover like Wise Moving Company, LLC, to do this for you will take the stress and hassle out of this step of the move.

Cleaning services for the location that you are moving out of or into is very helpful for a house closing or a deposit refund. This alone helps since it needs to be done normally pretty quick and when you need to be setting up your new home. Sometimes you just feel better with a clean home you’re moving into before you start opening the boxes to place items in the cabinets.

We offer storage services as well. This is so handy especially when that new home isn’t quite ready or when you have a move out date and suddenly the move in date is just not in line anymore because the flooring was never installed.

Basically, professional movers like Wise Moving Company, LLC, can remove just about all the hard work of the transition. Besides the loading and unloading, there is so much more than they can help with. Moving is a labor of love and will all the services offered by Wise Moving Company, LLC it can be a smooth, stress-free experience.