American families & single professionals seem to be on a downsizing mission across the States, which is interesting since, in 1950, the average house size for a larger number of family members was 1,000 square feet. This has changed over the years for the baby boomers, large homes being built in suburbs to attract growing families away from the city life to an area with great schools and parks, and childfriendly areas just to name a few.  Homes became, on average, of 2,700 square feet with fewer family members living in these large homes.  Wise Moving Company has suddenly had a surge of downsizing moves of all types, areas and age groups. We have the moving to a small house in the country, the small city house or condo. Relocation to other area moves with a huge downsizing and the job transfer moves for singles and families embarking also on tiny home lifestyle.

Wise Moving offers climate controlled storage. Both safe and clean for some of the items that just haven’t had a recipient chosen yet while we are also dropping off items to family & friends along the way to the main new location.  We also have customers that have days booked for the consignment store delivery day, the friends & family delivery day and then the main move to the new location. And questions are buzzing about as to why this has suddenly become a popular type move and, more than that, a popular, huge life-changing decision.

A large living space brings on shopping to decorate with, room for more gadgets to cook and clean.  So it’s easy to see how we gather items and actually need more storage over time and creating ongoing cleaning. So we have a large place to live that creates pressure to do maintenance, cleaning, & money spent which equals stress to life. The downgrade is looking like a happier lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint. Minimal streamlined life.

Fewer daily chores, less maintenance, and reduced energy costs also leave a smaller carbon footprint. That does sound like less stress. This fits the needs of singles and families. As removing some stress and adding some time to everyone’s schedule is more relaxing and more time for all vacation or day trip activities.

The downsizing has been a large variety of areas depending on the type of downgrade that is going into force from outdoor lawn equipment to all kitchen items, closet items, collections, and types of furnishings.

An easy way to see if this life is something that you want to embark on is to have measurements of all cabinets, closets, floor space and see exactly what fits into all those areas on paper. And it’s easy to decide what items need to go first. Wise Moving Company looks forward to assisting you on this journey of a less stressed, less costly & happier living. Let us know how your new lifestyle is going and all the adjustments that you have encountered. We look forward to learning & sharing your experiences with downsizing no matter what size your down-size is.