Have you ever wondered how you can save your jewelry from tangling, scratching and being left behind during a move? No? Well we have. All that amazing sparkle needs to be packed and organized with the greatest of care. Wise Moving has a few suggestions that have worked time and time again.
Collect a few of these items before packing:
Ziplock bags
Rubber Band’s
Egg Cartons or pill organizers
Sun glass case
Paper towel rolls and toilet tissue rolls
Clear soft packing paper
1.Take your chain necklace or bracelet and slip it thru a straw and close clasp . This will stop the tangles .  The straws may be cut down to size before you insert the necklace or bracelet. Then wrap that lovely bling with packing paper and place it into a sun glass case. Paper towel rolls work great for larger necklaces
2.Earrings and small pin’s can be placed in a pill organizer or egg carton. Stud earrings should be attached to a small card cut down to size before putting them into any container .
3.Rubber Bands can be used to secure lids of containers like egg cartons and hold small wrapped items together before slipping into a ziplock bag.
4. Rings can be individually wrapped with tissue or packing paper and then placed in a tubberware container. This way they won’t rub against each other but you have them all in one place. Don’t fee like wrapping each ring no problem. Just get out that pill organizer that never gets used and bam you have a ring organizer.
This may be a bit time consuming but when you get settled and start unpacking in your new home its like a new little sparkly surprise behind every wrapped, rubber banded container.
No matter the age or type it will always come back in style someday. Might as well wrap it all. Sparkle On !!!!!