Becoming a senior is a transition that is like I would imagine entering a parallel universe would be on a Harley Davidson going 95 miles per hour. That is my best description of the event that when passing a mirror a second glance is needed due to the unknown face you just caught a glimpse of. With that said, so many changes to experience and that is life ever-changing. We have so many options available to adjust and make it all a fun experience.

When the house becomes empty and all that is left is dusting off all we have collected, the thoughts of downsizing are a very wise choice. All the memories can be digitized and have them close to us always. And the children can now take the memories with them and share them with grandchildren or future grandchildren.  Cherished items shared is a great feeling. So now we have established the first step to downsizing.

Next step is letting go of items that wouldn’t go well in a garage sale or estate sale. If you are in a 3,000 sq. ft. home and you are moving to a 1500 sq. ft. home provided the children didn’t take half the furniture during their move, you have some serious selecting to do. Deciding what items you really need in this new easy-going lifestyle will take some thinking or perhaps some new furniture is in your future.

Much more fun is where are you moving to? If it is a new state a few trips there to make sure you love the area and the weather helps. And check out the cost of living, the economy of the state and taxes. And will you need a job there? Which neighborhoods are best for you? And the medical aspects, just a little research while you’re enjoying the trip.

We see RVs on the road often and they serve a great purpose besides just vacations. Number one they are considered a second home and can be used on taxes as such, please make sure this is still in effect as each year tax laws change. So many parks allow you to rent the space for these vehicles of fun by the month even the year. And some areas allow you to purchase your spot. Several campers reserve places or purchase places like this so they will have the same neighbors each time. And some never leave. This is the retirement home that they have selected and normally this bunch is fond of the outdoors and trails.

For a move that will need assistance from any point of the transition beginning with the sorting of items to the actual moving and setting up at the new location, help is around the corner.  We were very pleased to have met and work with “A Changing Season “. CarolAnne is a hands on operator of this wonderful company that takes all the task of sorting, estate sales and with her interior decorating skills in place she sets up the new downsized home beautifully. Please visit her website at

Wise Moving Company packing services include a well-trained packing crew that has the knowledge on how to pack your treasures. We are a phone call away to arrange your packing and move. We also offer storage for any of your items.

Moving closer to family and to a smaller place no matter if it’s a house or apartment there is still an adjustment. And the family is nearby to help out along the way. Retirement homes are a benefit and the market has several types to choose from. Independent communities offer activities and social life with a stress-free environment. No lawns to care for and if you love gardening several offer a garden area. And most offer medical care if needed at some point.

Assisted living facilities take on a little more of a downsizing and can be a big adjustment move. The 24-hour medical help being the advantage. This type of community also needs to be visited and researched and looking at all floors and areas helps in the decision if it is a good fit. Making sure you can have the items that you wish to move there.

Outside of medical, it has been proven that even dementia patients that can’t even raise a hand to improve with music and people benefit in activity, art, and music. Poetry, singing quilting, oil painting storytelling are all healing people and keeping them young. Dementia patients with an iPod slowly start bringing them back to life. Soon they are moving those feet and dancing again.” Music and Memory” a project started by Dan Cohen.  He used arts and IPOD’s to improve memory and end depression in place of the drugs that Medicaid and Medicare do cover, which turns people into depressed zombies. More information on how this works please visit  Less stress lower blood pressurisre just another bonus. So finding a place that is a good fit with happy people living there and the Willingness to take the effort to truly want the people to improve would be the best community to move into.

No matter where you move or how you do it Wise Moving Company, LLC is there to assist you.