The reasons for looking for storage options are vast. You are probably moving out of your home, to a new one, which is not ready yet.

If the household goods you own need to be put in storage for a certain period of time, Wise Moving  can provide that service. Make an inquiry and ask us to prepare a quote for you. It will still save you a lot of hassle to have Wise Moving move your belongings to the storage.

Choosing the right size storage

What you will also have to do is to determine how much storage space you will need before you actually start looking for a storage facility. Get one that will perfectly accommodate your belongins without leaving a big part of the storage empty. After all, you don’t want to be paying for the empty space you are not using, right?
However, prior to going on a storage ‘hunt’, ask yourself and answer the following questions:

Will I miss any items if I get rid of them?
When did I use this thing last?
Next on the list – do the objects you are storing require a special storage space? Such as  food, drinks, antique items, important documentation, electronics etc. Familiarize yourself with the climate-control options. If you are to be storing any of the mentioned items, you will definitely  need a climate-control storage unit.
Once you have finally decided what kind of stuff and how much of it you will be storing it’s time to determine the size of the storage you will be renting. The following information is pretty much standard for all companies (Length x Width x Height):

5x5x10 – Boxes, books, small items
5x10x10 – Enough for a one-bedroom home
10x15x10 – Two or three bedroom home
10x20x10 – Three or four bedroom home
10x30x10 – Five to seven bedroom home

Research, Research, Research. Do not rent the first storage facility you find.  Choose a storage that will be convenient to you.
Bottom line is: do not make any hasty decisions. The more research and deliberation you do the better choice you will make.