1. Moving changes

    American families & single professionals seem to be on a downsizing mission across the States, which is interesting since, in 1950, the average house size for a larger number of family members was 1,000 square feet. This has changed over the years for the baby boomers, large homes being built in suburbs to attract growing families away from the city life to an area with great schools and parks…Read More

  2. Unique Challenges Texas Movers Face

    The wonderful land of Texas has so many regions. With the many regions comes weather of all varieties and the weather affects moves in so many ways. The panhandle has snow up to 30 inches and winter nights near freezing. Summer has clear days and the western and southern winds makes this “Tornado Alley”. The large dust storms also hit this area. The west-central consists of desert and isolated…Read More

  3. Americans on the Move

    Americans move for several reason’s like employment, housing prices, family, recession, climate, retirement, education, crime rates, taxes, and medical.  Americans also are fun and enjoy moving to have a new adventure in a new neighborhood or a new house to paint and decorate. We don’t just move because we have to, we move for a new landscape or new level on a house we never experienced befor…Read More

  4. Pets stress too!!

    Moving is said to be one of the top 10 stressful events in your life.Think about it: finding a new home, packing up, making sure you didn't leave anything or anyone behind, making sure lights and water are turned on, unpacking and figuring out where everything is and the list goes on. I don't know about you but that list has me stressed out already. Now imagine doing all of that without having a c…Read More