1. Downsizing?

    Downsizing is hardly anybody’s first option. Whether it’s because your kids have grown up and moved out, or you simply need a more affordable house payment, downsizing can be stressful in more ways that one. Here are some tips to help make the transition from big to smaller as smooth as possible.   De-clutter. I always say, if you haven’t used it or worn it in the past 6 months, throw i…Read More

  2. Most Common Moving Services

    When most of us are thinking about hiring movers to do that back-breaking task of a move, we tend to overlook all the work involved in preparing for such a move or the fact that the mover, like Wise Moving Company, LLC, actually could take care of all or most of the entire move from planning to the actual move. In fact, moves fit first into different categories. Categories of moves: International …Read More

  3. Seniors On The Move

    Becoming a senior is a transition that is like I would imagine entering a parallel universe would be on a Harley Davidson going 95 miles per hour. That is my best description of the event that when passing a mirror a second glance is needed due to the unknown face you just caught a glimpse of. With that said, so many changes to experience and that is life ever-changing. We have so many options ava…Read More

  4. What Happens to Abandoned Storage Units?

    Renting a storage unit involves signing a contract which allows the property to have a lien on the contents stating that if the rent isn't paid for a length of time, time limits vary per property, that the unpaid balance has just put that storage unit on the " Abandoned" list.  Renters can decide that they no longer want the contents and can fill out an abandonment form . It is in your best in…Read More

  5. Storage Tips

    The reasons for looking for storage options are vast. You are probably moving out of your home, to a new one, which is not ready yet. If the household goods you own need to be put in storage for a certain period of time, Wise Moving  can provide that service. Make an inquiry and ask us to prepare a quote for you. It will still save you a lot of hassle to have Wise Moving move your belongings to…Read More

  6. Pets stress too!!

    Moving is said to be one of the top 10 stressful events in your life.Think about it: finding a new home, packing up, making sure you didn't leave anything or anyone behind, making sure lights and water are turned on, unpacking and figuring out where everything is and the list goes on. I don't know about you but that list has me stressed out already. Now imagine doing all of that without having a c…Read More