The wonderful land of Texas has so many regions. With the many regions comes weather of all varieties and the weather affects moves in so many ways.

The panhandle has snow up to 30 inches and winter nights near freezing. Summer has clear days and the western and southern winds makes this “Tornado Alley”. The large dust storms also hit this area. The west-central consists of desert and isolated mountain ranges and is called Big Bend Country. The Texas Hill Country has up to 48” of rain and rivers flood often. The Piney Woods Area has rainfall over 60 inches with the coastal winds. The coastal areas are subject to hurricanes and fog. The south region has humidity and rain in the coastal area and hot dry summers. It does fall in the tropical climate classification. The high winds pretty much cover the state and the hills protect areas like Fredericksburg.

So moving in Texas can be a bit tricky working around the flooding, tornadoes, and the exhausting heat. Being able to first reach the street working around the flooded areas, for example, is how weather can affect a move. The high winds mixed with sand will halt a move for hours on end. Just making the mistake of not rolling up the car windows during the sandstorm will cause hours of clean up. High gusting winds while driving a huge box truck has a mover pulling over for safety. While we have the sunshine at the pick-up area the delivery town or city may be in the middle of a baseball size hail storm.

We at Wise Moving Company, LLC watch the weather closely and also have storage available for severe weather emergencies as well as for any storage reason. Watching your surroundings when loading and unloading in rural areas especially is a necessary step.

New homeowners should check to make sure every water faucet, closet, cabinet, and attics are scorpion-free especially if you choose a home that has been vacant a few weeks. They like cool dark areas especially outdoors under everything. It just might be a home that they are fond of. Some of us at Wise Moving Company, LLC have witnessed the scorpions coming out of a faucet or crawling up a mop handle or on occasions rattlesnakes. Nothing says welcome home like opening your front door and seeing a rattler on the porch in front of you. What do you do? Well screaming and running for a garden hoe while the rattler stays in its spot looking at you like “Why are you on my porch”, is one option. The Sweetwater area has the largest yearly rattlesnake round-up to help cut back on that population. It is a great event that tourists love to attend as well as locals. It actually only cuts the population down by 1%. Everyone can catch the snakes and put them into the pit. Prizes and rattlesnake B.B.Q. These snakes love to gather under houses and in and around landscaping. Best to wear those cowboy boots when checking for these.

Each area has its advantages that keep this state growing. We have mountains, hills, camping, fishing, hunting, oil, large corporations, ranching, rodeos, stockyards, surfing, hiking, resorts, great restaurants, steaks and, yes, boots. We have so much, anything you would ever want to do is in this state. Everyone wants to move to Texas so traffic is climbing in numbers. Trucking delivery is climbing in numbers to meet the demand. Travel time to and from moves is getting longer as driving a box truck already has to move along at careful, slower speeds. Between all the possible weather that can occur and the population numbers rising causing more traffic, our driving is very cautious. So the next time you see us or another mover on the road just honk and wave as you pass us as the next move could be your items that are being cautiously moved across this great state.