Renting a storage unit involves signing a contract which allows the property to have a lien on the contents stating that if the rent isn’t paid for a length of time, time limits vary per property, that the unpaid balance has just put that storage unit on the ” Abandoned” list.  Renters can decide that they no longer want the contents and can fill out an abandonment form . It is in your best interests if you are sharing a storage unit with a friend to have both names on the contract so that if one abandons the storage unit the other will be allowed to pay rent and get his or her contents out. If your name isn’t on the contract it is very likely that your items will be auctioned as well.
Once the storage unit has been put on the “abandoned” list the contents can be put up for auctioning either by the piece or by the entire unit. The unit is locked and access is not allowed unless the monthly rent is paid on time. The renter has up until the auction day to pay the bill. Notifications are sent via mail and email. Auctions are posted via newspaper and auction sites as well as at the property.
 If you think you might want to go check out a storage unit auction it is a great idea to carry a strong flashlight , paper and pen . If more than one unit is being auctioned it is a good idea to make notes about each unit so you are clear about items in each unit. The time to look at what you can in each unit is very short and its a good idea to set a dollar amount in your mind on each unit as to the highest amount you want to pay. Auctions always have some fun surprises and all the unopened boxes must have a good story inside just waiting for you.